Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Hexapods: Robots That Play Doctor

They sure are cute little monsters. They sort of look like swiveling barstools. Something to give you that “Geez, I shouldn't have had that last Red-Headed Slut” kind of feeling. (That's a drink, people. Don't get too happy.) These robots must have very sensitive machinery though, because they are all about nanopositioning and micropositioning. (Sex with midgets?) I don't know what the difference between nanopositioning and micropositioning is, but they seem to suggest that these little guys are very adjustable. Looks like they have applications in medical technology as well, probably for positioning things like beams and mirrors. How cool is that? Some of the features of these robots are “smaller package size” (quit your snickering) and “higher stiffness” (ok, now you can snicker). They also have “better dynamic behavior” and “reduced runout errors.” I want eight of them right now. Go see them right here.

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